Installing IEAM agent on Raspberry Pi VM

  1. Download Raspberry Pi image and install as virtual machine.
  2. Basic setup of Raspberry Pi virtual machine for remote SSH and file transfer.
  3. Setup IEAM Hub and Post installation Step.
  4. Transfer over agent installation file into Raspberry Pi virtual machine and perform installation.
  5. Manual installation of IEAM agent (Tips!)
  6. Verify the agent status ALL -t -p edge-packages-4.2.0
sudo apt install ./horizon-cli_2.27.0-173_amd64.deb
sudo apt install ./horizon_2.27.0-173_amd64.deb
echo "HZN_EXCHANGE_USER_AUTH=xxxx" >> agent-install.cfg
echo "HZN_ORG_ID=ieam" >> agent-install.cfg
more agent-install.cfg
eval export $(cat agent-install.cfg)
hzn register -p IBM/pattern-ibm.helloworld
hzn agreement list
sudo docker ps




Blockchain, Kubernetes, DevOps and Coffee

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Ong Khai Wei

Ong Khai Wei

Blockchain, Kubernetes, DevOps and Coffee

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