Renew Let’s Encrypt Certificate with DNS Challenge and Namecheap

The certificate is going to expire is less than a week.

Step 1: Renew command interactive mode

sudo certbot certonly --manual
certbot will prompt for domain name
certbot will prompt to log IP address
New token will be generated to update _acme-challenge record in DNS

Step 2: Update DNS TXT record for _acme-challenge

Navigate to Advanced DNS
Add or modify _acme-challenge with generated token

Step 3: Verify DNS TXT record is updated

dig -t txt _acme-challenge.DOMAIN
Verify the _acme-challenge with newly updated token

Step 4: Complete the renew

Step 5: Update your certification in your application (optional)

Certificate is renewed with new expiry date.




Blockchain, Kubernetes, DevOps and Coffee

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Ong Khai Wei

Ong Khai Wei

Blockchain, Kubernetes, DevOps and Coffee

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