Tekton with IBM Cloud Object Storage for Static Website

Delivery Pipeline with Repository and Delivery pipeline (Tekton)

Step 1: Definitions

Add Definition Repository
Validate tekton definitions

Step 2: Worker

IBM Managed workers
Add Trigger
  • repository: Git repository URL
  • revision: Branch name, default is main
  • aws-access-key-id: IBM Cloud Object Storage Credential HMAC — Access Key ID
  • aws-secret-access-key: IBM Cloud Object Storage Credential HMAC — Secret Access Key
  • aws-default-region: IBM Cloud Object Storage region
  • endpoint-url: IBM Cloud Object Storage endpoint URL
  • name: s3-bucket: IBM Cloud Object Storage bucket name
Properties of Add Trigger

Step 4: Run Pipeline

Pipeline execution log




Blockchain, Kubernetes, DevOps and Coffee

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Ong Khai Wei

Ong Khai Wei

Blockchain, Kubernetes, DevOps and Coffee

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