Using ArgoCD with Helm to deploy Red Hat OpenShift Route with custom domain

Ong Khai Wei
2 min readDec 30, 2021

ArgoCD is gaining its popularity in GitOps and DevOps space as de-facto tool for application deployment based on Kubernetes and Openshift. For custom domain, it is common to use Kubernetes’s ingress to register the domain name. In Red Hat OpenShift, it will be using route . There are many example of using ArgoCD with Helm Chart as deployment for ingress, however I didn’t really find an example for OpenShift route, therefore this post shows a simple example of OpenShift route.

For this example, I am using helm-guestbook example from ArgoCD github ( I added a new file called route.yaml under templates folder and modify value.yaml to supply the custom domain address, certificate and private key for TLS/SSL communication.

Configure ArgoCD by adding new application and reference to your helm-chart repository.

Add application in ArgoCD dashboard

Once Application is created successfully, the guestbook will be deployed automatically into the specified namespace.

Helm Chart deployment with OpenShift Route

Back in OpenShift console, you will see the created Route.

Routes in OpenShift console

Full Git Repository is at